Last summer you were on this magical Greek peninsula and you liked it that much that you then decided to buy a property there. After contacting a real estate agency, you were back there, going over houses and finally buying one. And you are happy about it – the small white cottage with blue shutters, nice balcony and big garden is delightful, but Halkidiki is so much more than just a villa. So here are the top 5 entertaining activities this place offers. Feel free to discover them and a lot more as well.


First thing to know is that diving is now allowed throughout all the seas of Greece since 2005. An interesting fact is the reason why it was forbidden. The Greeks believed that there are too many antiquities on the sea floor and by diving they can very easily be taken. Nowadays it’s not impossible a Greek to ask you “what did you find?”, right after you go out of the sea. However, there are diving centers on both Sithonia and Kassandra peninsulas and the places you could actually scuba dive are numerous. Moreover, this region is popular with great visibility and lots of fish.


As soon as this pastime is really widespread here, no license is needed both for fishing from the shore and from boats, when it’s amateurish, of course. This activity is completely safe and the only risks that exist are for those who are fishing with harpoons. Even if you have never tried it before, here you could always learn it from the natives.


Well, this is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Halkidiki, of Greece in general. The endless beaches are perfect for sunbathing. Normally there are some beach bars with lounges and umbrellas on the sand that offer you cold drinks (the unique Greek frappe, for example) and nice music. And you have the feeling that you can spend your whole life there. On Halkidiki there are also too many beaches and coves, where almost no one goes and where you can be at ease enjoying the silence and the tranquility. Don’t forget, however, that too often there isn’t a lifeguard on them.


The Porto Carras Golf Club, which is situated on Sithonia, offers a wonderful 18-hole golf course. And here you can, not only, play golf, but you enjoy lovely sea views and the Greek timelessness. For the golf lovers this is a unique opportunity for a summer holiday.


Greece is famous with its ancient history and numerous sights. Start with the Mount Athos – a self-governed part of the Greek state – located on the east part of Halkidiki. Here there are 20 Orthodox monasteries which saved the culture of Greece and other Balkan nations during the Ottoman domination. In the monasteries the visit of women is not allowed. In the Ouranopolis there is, however, a Byzantine tower known as the Tower of Prosforio that protected Athos from enemy invasions.