One of the things you most definitely have to clean whenever you are leaving on someone else’s property is the carpets. Do not be fouled, by the commercials showing how easy it is to do it by yourself at home. Most of the final results are not only unsatisfactory, but often are perishable. The real possibility to harm the structure of your carpet would definitely bring you more headaches than positives. We suggest you hire an agency for professional end of tenancy cleaning when you have to return your apartments undamaged and clean to secure the return of money.

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7043054033_c2bdc17d6e_k Each of the 7 stages: sizing, polishing, soaking, washing, drying, processing technology, vacuuming and last but not least- packing, are carried out by professional equipment. The cleaning agents used in the process are certified by all European requirements: ecological, antistatic, antibacterial, antiallergenic.

14680217929_4ed6d5f5cd_oThe other thing that we achieve with our high quality products is the fixation of the colors. With our help you can avoid the possibility of dying and fading of fabrics. In the mean time you can be sure, that while we think of the details on your carpets, the whole washing process will not pollute the environment. We have specialized dryer, which allows the process of drying your carpets to be carried out for no more than five days during the winter months. In this way, the service is available year-round. Trained staff of young professionals, great equipment and our long experience and our whole equipment is a guarantee for a quality service on time.

We are always with you when you need information or direction about the best procedures in your case. Because we are at your service. We work for your comfort and every need. Do not ask yourself twice if you should call us.