The first time I went to Greece I was wild, young, careless and free, flying to Thessaloniki with a bunch of friends I didn’t know what to expect, but on the way back we all had something in common – we were in love with this country where the delight and pleasure are on every corner, where the soul is free and at ease, where your happiness has no boundaries and you have a feeling you can run and jump and scream and shout and simply be. The first time I went to Halkidiki, I vowed to come back and I did. I was more grown up then I have just met my husband-to-be. Being so in love we stayed there for two weeks and we claimed for so long that there is no place on Earth more romantic than this one – there are no sunsets more magical, no views more spectacular, no meals more tasty. The flawlessness was ideal. A few years later, which means also a few years ago, we decided to go there with our lovely little child and, to be honest, we both were a little bit skeptical. What Greece had offered us till then was an experience a lot different from the family one and we thought we are taking a risk by booking a nice family house at the shore in a small tranquil village in Halkidiki we’ve never been before. Spending the first day on the beach with our little girl playing in the sand and learning to swim in the still sea, enjoying the lovely frappe and other treats with tastes to be remembered, we were amazed and in the seventh heaven. It was not a rash decision, you see, it was, what we come up to after years of summer vacations full of emotions, joy and sensations that have made home in our hearts. Buying a house seems to be our greatest decision though – the one we won’t be sorry for. And if you are still not convinced, keep reading.

The location 

You know those lovely places, where pictures are taken that then become wallpapers, those same places that are at the black of beyond. Well, yeah, paying a visit there or having a summer house in a place like this, is super logically not the best idea, while Greece is still a great option – it’s in the heart of Europe and in a couple of hours only, you get there without having to pay too much for transport and so on. So, yeah, location!

The nature

I don’t think that I have to convince you that the nature of Halkidiki is stunningly beautiful and magnificently perfect. I believe you know this pretty well.

The price 

There is an economic crisis there, you know? For this reason right now you can buy a house for the smallest amount of money possible – a great summer villa with everything needed, a garden with olive trees and a breathtaking view.