Your house is your home, your certainty and tranquility, your joys and your sorrow, your tears, your smiles. Your house is somehow your reflection, a reflection of your emotions, feelings, desires. And that is why you constantly try to make it better, cozier, more charming and more you. You go to different stores for pieces of furniture and decorations, you buy online things, visit diverse antique shops and markets all around the world, because you don’t simply want belongings, you want somethings with meaning and history. And, yeah, all those efforts lead to your magnificent home that deserves to be on the pages of every design magazine. But if you are looking for some more details, for something that will bring vitality to your home and make it more personal and natural and not like a gallery or a museum where you feel like at an exhibition, then the flowers, but the freshly cut ones and not those you have in pots, are the right solution. They are enthralling and splendid, and almost every person on Earth totally adores them. 


Well, this question is kind of rhetoric. Do you go out on a daily basis? Yes, we all do. No matter if you go to classes or to work, or you are a stay-at-home mom, you go out every day and after you do your regular goods shopping, you can easily go through the flower shop and have some tulips or dahlia or roses or sunflowers. And if that seems too hard for you (really?), you can now subscribe and have different selection of flowers delivered at your home every week.


You can make some vases by yourself using old wine bottles or you can simply buy them. Arrange them everywhere then – on the dining table, in the living room, on the fireplace, on your desk. And your home will shine for sure.