Untitled design2233You have decided that finally you’ve reached the moment in your life when you can afford buying a holiday house. And you are not the skiing-snowboarding kind of person, who likes freezing in the mountain in the middle of nowhere when it’s foggy and snowy. You are that person who dreams of tranquility, of endless beaches and a beautifully blue sea, so now you have to choose between the many coastal destinations around the world. And you like Maui and Florida, Bora Bora and Santa Lucia, France and Greece, you love them all, but you have to pick out wisely. Here are 4 reasons why choosing the Greek Halkidiki is the best option.

The location

Well, you are planning to go there regularly, leastways every year, so if you choose a place far too remote from your actual home, you will need more time to reach it and more money as well. And when you’ve decided to go on a holiday, somewhere to be at ease, you prefer not to spend an 8-hour flight and the following jetlag. In this train of thought, Greece is absolutely perfect. It’s in the heart of Europe and it’s not a simple island in the middle of the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean, it’s easily accessible. And the peninsula Halkidiki is not too popular now, and that’s the good news, because there are not too many tourists and everything is far more authentic.

The price

You want to have a holiday villa, but you still do not want to spend all your savings. So you are looking for something convenient and nice for a reasonable amount of money. And here Halkidiki is again the answer. Though it’s in Europe, this region is still not so peopled, and in comparison with a house in France or in Spain, you will have to pay a ridiculously small amount of money.

The beaches

This was your first requirement – you wanted a place with lovely flawless beaches. And Halkidiki is such a place. The sand is fine and warm, the waves only reminding of their existence from time to time, the sun bright and shining, the sea perfectly clean, limpid, full of delightful little fishes. If you take a look in the opposite direction, you will see green and untouched nature, high cliffs and beautiful vegetation. And this is not a single cove; the whole shore is filled with gulfs like this.

The tranquility

The Greek calmness is proverbial. Here live people who are too different in the same time – they are wise and insane, they are silent and expressive, they are spontaneous thinkers, they have inherited the culture of the ancient Greeks – their appreciation of art, their desire to stay here in this heaven, their unique lifestyle. And if you buy a house, if you start living there, you will get inspired, influenced by this civilization and some day you will be one of them.