With spring approaching slowly but surely, we all want to have fresher and brighter homes so we can stay healthy. The winter has its toll on our properties’ cleanliness and that is the reason many people do a thorough spring-clean to get rid of dust and dirt that may have collected. Windows, upholstery, furniture, appliances and carpets will need to be refreshed. Everything will take time however the carpets will require precision and patience.

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Carpets collect a lot of dust and depending on the daily traffic on them, they also gather stains of one kind or the other. In order to keep your carpets in top notch condition, you should clean them regularly and not just once every new season. Stains are best cleaned when they are fresh. As soon as you notice a stain, use a clean white cloth to dab it and then use appropriate cleaning solution to extract the stain. After that you can steam-clean it with a steam mop and you are done – it will take you no more than 5 minutes. As comparison, stains that have already settled will take at least half an hour to be removed and even then you may not completely succeed.

On daily basis you can vacuum thoroughly and then steam-clean to keep the colors bright. Make sure to vacuum in all directions in order to get rid of the dust stuck in the fibers more precisely. Vacuuming will get the carpet ready for the steam cleaning, which will finish off the carpet cleaning. Following these simple tips will help you to always keep the carpets in your home fresh and clean thus preventing allergies and they won’t require major cleaning operations at specific times because they will always be clean.