The season of the adventures, curiosity, travels and voyages, the season of the freedom, the carelessness and the tranquillity, the time when the skin is getting darker, the hair – lighter, you – flawlessly happier and your soul is constantly being at ease, the so beloved summer, the all-time favourite is coming to an end and you are not thinking about the things you could take on your vacation in Greece, in Ibiza, in Australia or Bali, you are not buying bathing suits and sunglasses, but you are starting to prepare yourself for what is about to come – the autumn, the time to go back to normal and back to work. Being back in the city, where you belong, you are not dreaming about your one week stay on an endless azure beach in the middle of nowhere, but you are dreaming about your future, your serious and real one. And right after you have unpacked your luggage, you have to prepare yourself for a job interview. And the eternal question is coming up in your mind: what to wear?

The first impression matters indeed and in a situation like this it is of great importance. So if there is a person who is telling you that your outfit is not something to be noticed during a job interview, he is simply lying, because the interview is nothing more but a competition and all means are equally relevant then. But is there something you can rely on, an outfit to be remembered?

The black and the white might be boring

This is what you should definitely know – what the interviewer is looking for is a creative person with fresh ideas and something new to offer and if you go there with the black pencil skirt and the white simple shirt, you won’t look like a person with a wide imagination. So be classy and add some colour!