There are fashion trends – transitory and passing – easily forgotten and never remembered again. There are looks eternal and classy that will be always amazing like the long curly hair, the natural look, the black little dress and the wide honest smiles. And somewhere in between are the old, but gold classics, those that looked gorgeous on every woman back in the past, but were then displaced by something new and modern. And as we live in a generation that follows trends and prefers to be fashionable than classy, they remain in the background. But you know what happens, when the fashion designers, the authoritative and proved perfect ones, show collections full of vintage elements? That’s right the vintage becomes the new sexy.

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The winged eyeliner and the long lashes 

Your figure is attractive, your walk and actions, but there is nothing sexier than a look, at the same time hiding and telling you so much. The eyes are the reflection of your soul, they don’t lie. And we won’t lie that the returning of the winged eyeliner and the long lashes, which are incredibly gorgeous and make you look stunning, makes us remarkably happy.

The fulfilled brows

The natural is supposed to be an eternal trend, but a few years ago, the brows were thin and unnaturally looking and too many followed this fashion and did their brows by their own in a not good way. The thick and lush brows of today, however, are what we like having and what we like seeing everywhere around.

The cat eye frames 

The details matter, they are what will make you outstand and we worship them and their power. The cat eye frames are back and are able to make that look we talked about even more seductive, so they are a total must-have now.