School going girls have a craze of looking Stylish and fashionable and the thing they experiment with is their Hair styles. These little Girls love to have different hair styles on each day of  School.These Hair Styles are Categorized into different types.

Ponytail:- Ponytail is the most common and Stylish Hairstyle for Schoolgirls.Pony tail can be made from the upper part of Head hairs and also from the base of the neck.Both Provide a very neat and well organized look for Hairs. Ponytail can also be made on both sides of hairs called “Double Pony tail”.

Half Pony tail:- Half Pony tail is the cutest hairstyle for School girl, made from the half base of the Head. It gives a very casual and Organized look for hairs.

French Braid:- This hairstyle is very much popular among young girls and School Girls. It is kept very closed to head, providing very neat look to hairs.

Cornrows:- Cornrows hairstyle is not much liked these days because it is known to be most painful Braiding Technique, yet many teenagers still follow this hair style.

Pigtails:- Pigtails are mostly being worn and liked by young children in which a hair tail is made on both sides of hairs by putting Accessory on top and bottom to bind hairs properly.

Shag hairstyle:- Shag hair style looks best on healthy hairs and requires proper cutting and maintenance . This look does not go with girls having curly hairs.

Bun Hair Style:- Bun hairstyle looks very amazing on Small girls. A style in which a bun is made at the base of hairs and neck and beads like buns on upper part of head Hairs.